User Review and Comment Policy

Community is at the core of Westchester North and reviews and comments are essential for both visitors and businesses to gain true insight into a business’s offerings. Yet, one of the biggest problems many review and complaint sites face is user-generated content pollution. If left unchecked, comments and user reviews can become a damaging distraction full of fake positive reviews, and fake complaints. At Westchester North, we are focused on quality reviews and comments.

We understand our local businesses appreciate reading user reviews that are authentic, and all of our community members will know that any opinions left on will be from legitimate members that have experienced or used the business’s services they review.


General Comment Rules

Definition: Any type of comment or question that does not directly implicate or praise a particular business.


  • All users must be logged in to comment or review.
  • Be honest, be creative. It is fine to be critical of a business, but don’t be rude.
  • Add value to the conversation.
  • Be descriptive.“They stink!” is not enough info.
  • No self-promoting on another business’s review.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No name dropping.
  • No link pushing.
  • No trolling of other users’ comments/reviews.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know.


Positive User Review Rules

Definition: Any type of praise for a specific business is considered a positive review.

Rules: Positive user reviews will only be published if they are fully-disclosed by a registered user.


Negative User Review (aka Complaint) Rules

Definition: Any type of complaint against a specific business is considered a negative review.

Rules: We understand that some people do not want to publicly display their contact information if they’re posting a negative review, however, users must be registered and logged in to provide a review.

*Note: Your contact information will never be disclosed to a business or sold or shared with another party. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Business Rebuttal / Flag Rules

Definition: A business rebuttal or review flag is either a general response or a reply to a positive or negative review that the provider has received on

Rules: Business rebuttals will only be published if they are submitted through a valid company email and include company contact information. No exceptions. That includes all current sales reps and associates of the business.

*Note: A business cannot rate their own reviews. If you add a star rating, your rebuttal will not be published.