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Follow 4 simple steps to get your business listing up and running.

If you have already created a profile you can skip ahead to Step 2.

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1. Sign In or Register

Your profile is your starting point and will provide you with access to your dashboard, the hub for all of your business tools and listings.

Create Your Profile

The first step in creating your business or product listing is to Sign In or Register. You can create an account using your own name or create a profile for your business.

Once you have created a profile you can then edit your personal or business information via your very own dashboard. Until you create a business or product listing, all you will have access to in your dashboard is your profile, bookmarked listings, and any reviews you have left for other businesses.

Take the time to complete your profile.

2a. Select Your Plan

Westchester North offers three pricing plans for business listings. If you are unsure where to get started you can always begin on the basic plan (listing claim only) and upgrade at any time should you require additional features on your listing.

After you have signed in, select Add Listing from within your dashboard or from the top navigation bar of the site.

A lot of business will simply create one listing if they only offer one product or service. If your business promotes multiple brands, you may choose to create a separate listing for each of your brands. For example, you may have a men’s clothing store in one location and a gift shop in another. In this case it would be beneficial to create a separate listing for each business to increase your reach.

The high tier plans are packaged to include multiple listings so you can select the one that best suits your business needs.

Create your listing visual guide

2b. Create Your Listing

Westchester North provides an easy to use submission form for creating and publishing your business or product listing.

This form allows you to enter important information about your business or product. We have tried to make this process easy for you by automating the population of data using Google APIs, so give Fill-o-bot a go.

It is recommended that you complete as much information as possible including opening hours, FAQs, tags and keywords as all of this will help in search results.

Most importantly, don’t forget to select any and all categories that apply to your business or product (including the primary categories) and ensure that you upload a correctly formatted logo, feature image, and gallery image(s). Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words so let them get the conversation started. If you need help customizing the look and feel of your listing or help with properly formatting images, contact us. We can help and offer a variety of marketing services.

  • Logo: 512x512px
  • Feature Image: 1024x660px
  • Gallery Images: 1024x660px

3. Publish and Pay

You have almost reached the final stage of the listing process. After previewing your listing it is time to publish and pay.

At this stage Westchester North offers payment via PayPal, Stripe, or Direct Bank Transfer. If you make payment via Stripe or PayPal, your listing will be live as soon as the payment has been processed. If you chose the Bank Transfer method you will need to wait until funds have cleared before your listing will be published.

A tax invoice will be emailed to your registered email account.

Edit Your Listing Guide

3a. Edit Your Listing

Westchester North’s intuitive listing form makes editing your existing business or product listing simple and easy. This form allows you to update important information about your business or product so that your information is always current. If you wish to take advantage of the additional features offered in the top-tier plans you can easily upgrade at any time.

An invoice will be emailed to your registered email account.

4. Claim Your Listing

The final important step in listing your business or product is to Claim Your Listing. Once your listing is live on the site, please preview your listing and then click to ‘Claim‘ it as your own.

Westchester North’s directory platform allows all registered users to create business or product listings. They do not have to own or work in the business.

If someone has been kind enough to create your listing for you, take control of your listing by claiming it as your own. The Westchester North team will review your claim and it will then be linked to your account. If you are not yet on a payment plan you will be able to keep the listing on the Free plan or upgrade to the plan of your choice.

How to Claim Your Listing Visual Guide

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