We at Westchester North and The Westchester Hub, recognize and respect the intellectual property of others and we expect our users to do the same. Efforts are made to prevent copyright infringement on our site, but we are unable to monitor and validate all content. When users submit blog posts to our site we check them for any potential copyrighted media. In cases when we are not able to validate that a user has copyright or permission from a copyright owner we either remove the offending material or replace it with images from our own collection that we primarily procure from DepositPhotos and EnvatoElements. Westchester North is in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). As such, the following are our procedures for dealing with copyright claims.

For Listing Owners

If we receive a claim that you have posted material on your listing that infringes on someone’s intellectual property rights, we will remove the material and then contact you via email to notify you of this action on your account. If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours we may attempt to notify you through other means you have made available to us, such as calling the phone number you provided at signup.

If you would like to contest a DMCA take down notice that has been filed against you, you may contact us to discuss this. There are some cases where using copyrighted material may fall under “fair use”, but it is not our responsibility to determine if the content you have posted falls under fair use laws. Westchester North generally maintains a policy of erring on the side of caution and removing content that is claimed to be in violation of copyright law. However, we recognize the possibility for abuse of this and foresee the possibility of inaccurate, mistaken, and/or malicious copyright claims against you. We further expect that most users, upon receiving a takedown notice, will want to avoid potential litigation and will comply with the request outright. If you feel your circumstances warrant contesting a DMCA takedown notice of content posted on your listing, please use the following link to visit our DMCA counter-notice procedure. Read more about our DMCA Process and Procedure For Repeat Offenders.

For Copyright holders.

Please submit the following information if you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon. Upon receipt of a complete DMCA takedown request we will review the information you submit to us and expeditiously remove the material in question. After we have done so we will contact you to notify you of the removal.

At this point the user who posted the material in question will be notified of the takedown notice and the removal of the content in question. Users may then opt to complete and submit a counter notice, which we will then forward to the address you gave us in your DMCA takedown notice.

You will have 10 days following our forwarding the counter notice to you to take further action. If after 10 days you do not file a lawsuit against the user you believe to be posting copyright infringing material, we will restore the content. This is the course of action legally prescribed under the DMCA and protects Westchester North from liability for damages resulting from reposting the content in question. This process was put in place as part of the DMCA to deter potential abuse of DMCA copyright claims.

Click the following link to submit a DMCA Takedown Notice

Read more about our DMCA Process and Procedure For Repeat Offenders


All questions, concerns, and correspondences regarding copyright issues should be directed to our designated copyright agent:

Email: info@thewestchesterhub.com

The Westchester Hub

Designated Copyright Agent
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